ok so lyk ma bestiis ex  told ma friend all dis junk n lyk she left him cuz he is mean n  so lyk me n her r goin 2 kick his butt monday!!!!!!
ok so now we r fwends again
ok so yesterday my (supposid) friend made my sister cry n dat made me so MAD!!!!!  :@  so den after my sis runs off crying  i go n tell her off it was hilarious 8)))) It made me n my lil sis feel better. idk wats goin to happen next       

                                                            -tata ♥Purplelover4♥
omg  almost all my fwends 4rm school r doing sumthing 4 spring break but im stuck here at home:( on the bright side some stayed n i get 2 see them :)
Meanies 03/13/2010
ok 2day at school ma friend jacked my bookmark!!!! :( i had 2 chase him down da hallways n i never did get it bak :(((((